Cheers! A wine that’s good for you.

Cheers! A wine that’s good for you | health.

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It is pomegranate season in Israel, and ISRAEL21c takes a look at a winery in the north that is one of very few worldwide making pomegranate wines.

At Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year), the fruit of choice is the pomegranate. High in antioxidants that are said to combat a range of health problems ranging from diabetes, to cardiovascular diseases and even cancer, eating the fruit isn’t just about tradition.

Now an Israeli winery in the northern Galilee is producing a new kind of wine, made exclusively from pomegranates.


Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90.
Forget the grapes, an Israeli winery is making wine from pomegranates.
The Rimon Winery was founded by Gabi Nachmias, from Moshav Ben Zimra in the Galilee, and is one of very few wineries around the world making this tasty and healthful wine.

Nachmias originally intended to plant nectarines on his land, but after reading an article about the health benefits of pomegranates he changed his mind. Six years ago he made 2,600 bottles. Today, the winery bottles over 750,000 liters a year and sells its four kinds of pomegranate wine to markets in Japan, the US, Europe and Singapore.

The winery is collaborating with Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv on a large research study that’s examining the effect of pomegranates on general health and on various diseases.


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