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Open letter to the entire world

January 6, 2011

Netanyahu to consider peace deal referendum

September 21, 2010

Netanyahu to consider peace deal referendum

PM says any agreement with Palestinians to be submitted for voters’ approval, promises to favorably consider referendum; Netanyahu vows to respond harshly to Gaza rocket attacks, reiterates demand for recognition of Jewish state

Attila Somfalvi

Published: 09.21.10, 18:29 / Israel News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuhe said he would favorably consider a national referendum before finalizing any agreement with the Palestinians during a tour of the Gaza vicinity communities Tuesday.

“It’s clear to me that any agreement I secure would be presented to the people to decide, and there are several methods for that,” he said in Sderot. “Such decision requires a national verdict, and I therefore said I would consider it (a referendum.)”

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The prime minister, who also visited Ashkelon, warned Hamas against firing at Israeli communities.

“Our prime commitment is security, and I suggest that Hamas and the other organizations refrain from testing our resolve to respond to the fire,” he said, arguing that the equation he presented on the matter prompted a reduction in the number of rocket attacks.

“I determined that fire (from Gaza) will meet a rapid response, and this brings down the number of missiles,” he said. “There was fire recently, and we responded and hit Hamas targets, including a senior Hamas figure. We shall continue with this policy.”

Netanyahu also stressed his unwavering commitment to the residents of Ashkelon who continue to live under the missile threat.

‘Recognize the Jewish state’

A day after Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas cynically dismissed calls to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Netanyahu reiterated the demand: “The Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state, and the fact they haven’t done so raises doubts. I’m saying to Abbas – recognize the Jewish state.”

Meanwhile, the PM avoided an answer about the settlement construction freeze and whether it would be extended, saying: “Ask me again on Monday.” He also refused to respond to a question about whether Jonathan Pollard’s release was conditioned upon extending the freeze.

“We are aiming to secure his release, regardless of the freeze,” he said. “There is no need for a special event to bring up the Pollard issue.”

Ashkelon Mayor Benny Vaknin thanked Netanyahu for his support but also reminded him of the recent rocket attacks. “Since Operation Cast Lead four Grad missiles have landed in the city, including inside a school,” he said.

Qassam attacks against Israel continued in the past week. On Monday, a Qassam rocket landed in the Eshkol Regional Council and last Thursday nine mortar shells and rockets were fired at Israel. The IDF responded by attacking weapons caches in the Gaza Strip.

Shmulik Hadad contributed to the story

Flotilla delayed by glitches again

May 30, 2010


// // Flotilla delayed by glitches again
Photo by: Associated Press

Flotilla delayed by glitches again

05/30/2010 18:51

Ships said to be in Cypriot waters; activist: We’re unarmed.

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Technical problems delayed the Gaza protest flotilla for ten minutes on Sunday evening as it continued to make its way to Israeli waters, but the organizers aboard the ships claimed it had resumed its voyage.

The Israeli Navy, monitoring the ships, reported there was “hardly any movement” among the group.

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An activist of the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), which is involved in the campaign, said in an interview with Army Radio that the ships were on the open sea, still within the territorial waters of Cyprus.

The activist said the purpose of the flotilla was only to deliver humanitarian aid. “We have no weapons on board and do not intend to offer resistance [to Israeli forces] in cases where self-defense is not necessary,” he said, adding that “if Jews were being blockaded anywhere in the world, Israel would respond exactly as we have.”

The IHH was previously blamed for channeling funds to a global Jihadist organization, a matter the activist refused to comment on.

Also Sunday, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon criticized the effort, saying anti-Semitic chants voiced by the activists on board earlier in the day showed the “real motivation” for the campaign, which he termed an “armada of hate.”

‘Activists chant slogans that threaten Jews’

According to a Foreign Ministry press release, participants on the flotilla were recorded shouting “Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad saya’ud,” which means “Jews, remember Khyabar, the army of Mohammed is returning.” This cry relates to an event in the seventh century when Muslims massacred and expelled Jews from the town of Khaybar, in modern-day Saudi Arabia.

“Israel condemns the anti-Semitic chants that were publicized this morning,” Ayalon said. “This amply demonstrates that many are not against a particular policy of the Israeli government, but have very real and dangerous hatred for Jews and the Jewish State.”

He further noted that “the main organizer of the flotilla is an extremist Islamic organization with ties to Hamas and global Jihad and it is unfortunate that there are those who are duped into thinking that this exercise has anything to do with humanitarianism or human rights.”

The organizers of the protest flotilla said the ships were set to arrive in Israeli waters on Monday. The flotilla was originally slated to arrive in Gaza on Saturday but faced several delays because of technical difficulties.

While eight ships were initially scheduled to sail to Gaza, in the end a total of five ships were reported to be on their way after three suffered technical malfunctions.

Danon demands MK Zoabi’s arrest upon arrival

One of the highest profile figures on the ships is Balad MK Haneen Zoabi, who said she was proud to do her part to end what she called a siege on Gaza. Right-wing MKs called for Zoabi’s arrest and ouster from the Knesset.

“Zoabi is working together with Israel’s enemies to encourage terrorism and harm Israel’s image internationally, and these acts constitute treason,” Likud MK Danny Danon wrote to Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein in his request for him to order Zoabi’s arrest upon her arrival in Israel.

The navy is prepared to stop the ships before they reach Gaza and has put most of its forces on operational standby since Friday. The ships will receive a number of warnings as they begin to approach the Gaza Strip, starting from a distance of about 65 kilometers. If the ships are commandeered, they will be sailed to the Ashdod Port, where the government has set up tents to hold the activists.

The activists will be taken to the tents for identification and medical attention, and asked to leave the country voluntarily. If they refuse, they will be arrested and transferred to the custody of the Prisons Service and the Interior Ministry.

Gil Hoffman and AP contributed to this report